Friday, March 1, 2013

You Are Here

To anyone who knows me, this will not come as a surprise. Ta-da! I have changed places. Wanderment will now take over everything I shared on That's So Vegan, but bigger and better than ever. My blog is freakishly like a metaphor for my life. I have trouble sticking to one thing for a long period of time.

That’s So Vegan was great for while I was in my first two years of college, but my life has expanded into something completely different from vegan food and university-life anecdotes. My tiny college kitchen isn't my playground anymore- instead my kitchen changes on a weekly basis. I’m traveling the world, writing daily, listening to more music, meeting incredible people, eating drizzles of honey, fresh eggs and fish (not so vegan any longer)… I am wandering. But I am most definitely not lost.

Up until now I’ve been using Wanderment simply as a travel diary, but now I want to transform it into a place of inspiration. A place to share stories, little bits of wisdom I pick up here and there, art and photography, and don’t worry- recipes are a given. I am not an expert at any of this and I will never pretend to be. I love to experiment. I love to create. I love to cook and dance and eat and tell stories and share all of it with my family, friends and anyone who cares to listen.

So, if you feel inclined to dive into a hefty slice of my adventures, come and wander with me.


  1. This is a relief! I was constantly wondering where the next post would be. Now it is going to be all under one roof. Wonderful! Love the photos and cannot wait for more!

  2. ah ... the steps at sacre coeur! i bet someone proposed to you there! i look forward to living vicariously through you!